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Daycare for Dogs


Growing up, there were always animals in our home including dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters

Throughout my childhood we owned a Doberman, German shepherd, Border collie and a Cross of all kinds, this ultimately led me to a career working with dogs and cats.

My first position was volunteering for a local rescue centre, walking dogs and assisting with basic training. After a year of volunteering I took a full time position at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home as an Animal Welfare Assistant. During my time at Battersea I gained hands-on experience in many areas including feeding, cleaning, providing basic training and enriching the lives of the animals in my care. After a couple of years I followed my passion and joined the Dog Behaviour team at Battersea, focusing on temperament assessing, problem behaviour consultations and behaviour modification.

I have worked with a wide range of dogs over the last two decades varying in age, breed and temperament. I have been a fully qualified Puppy School tutor since 2010 ( and was a member of The ABTC ( until I decided not to renew my membership.
Animals are my passion, from a child I have owned Gerbils, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs as well as a selection of lizards and this is something I have carried forward into my professional life

Upon leaving school I attended Hadlow Animal College where I gained a number of recognised qualifications in animal management and kennel & cattery management. After completing college I started working with wildlife in rehabilitation centres as well as working with domestic pets in a pet shop and grooming parlour.

I began working at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in 2006 as a kennel assistant, managing the needs of 30+ dogs daily and ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare, after a year I became an assessor, testing dogs temperaments to ensure that they were placed in the correct homes with the right families. During my time at Battersea I was and still am a trusted and highly experienced foster carer, I have cared for many animals including a large number of hand-rear puppies who had been separated from their mothers to soon as well as many dogs who were struggling in the kennel environment.

I have an excellent understanding of what is required to care for a wide range of animals to an exceptional level and always strive to achieve the highest standard of care possible.
From a young age I have always been passionate about animals and have always wanted to pursue a career caring for them.My experience with Dogs started at Clever Claws in 2013 where I had two weeks school work experience. During this time I accompanied Stephen on dog walks as well as 1-2-1 training sessions and puppy classes, I gained a lot of knowledge on how to manage a group of dogs within a park environment and how best to train them using reward based methods. In that relatively short time I really discovered my love for Dogs and since then I have worked with Clever Claws at every opportunity I had throughout the rest of my school, college and university education.

Along side this I gained a huge amount of hands on experience with a variety of animals working in a pet shop, my role involved a wide range of husbandry tasks as well as best advising clients on the needs of a wide range of animals. After finishing university I became a full time member of the Clever Claws team.

During my time at Clever Claws I have completed a number of dog related courses including dog specific first aid, I have taken a keen interest in dog behaviour and I am currently studying for an Ofqual regulated level 3 canine behaviour and welfare qualification. I will complete this very soon and once I have I plan to continue to further develop my handling and training skills via a number of other courses in the pursuit of becoming a qualified dog trainer.

Working with dogs is my absolute passion and I always strive to give the best possible care
Daycare Team Leader
I have had pets all of my life including hamsters, cats & dogs and although I currently don't have any pets I still get all the fun and love of having a dog from working at Clever Claws.

I've worked with dogs since 2017 in various roles including dog walking, dog sitting & doggy daycare, in this time I have developed excellent handling and behaviour management skills as well a wealth of knowledge on a wide range of breeds and their respective traits.

In my time at Clever Claws I have completed a dog specific first aid training course and I am currently working towards my Ofqual regulated level 3 canine behaviour and welfare qualification.

Working in the countryside has been a big change from working in London, its nice to see how free the dogs can really be and seeing their true personalities shine through makes my day.
Daycare Assistant
Throughout my life I have been lucky enough to have owned and been around many dogs of all shapes and sizes. I have gained valuable hands-on experience with a wide range of breeds and have worked with my own rescue dogs to help them overcome a number of problematic behaviours with great success.

My previous experenice includes dog sitting and walking as well as basic training. All of my past experiences have given me a keen interest in dog behaviour and training which has ultimately led to me wanting to become a dog behaviourist to help as many of our four legged friends as possible!

I have Canine & Human First Aid Certificates, an SIA license and am currently studying for an Ofqual regulated level 3 canine behaviour and welfare qualification.
Daycare Assistant

Professional Dog Day Care

At Clever Claws we offer experienced, professional and reliable Doggy Day Care for dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. Our Dog Day Care service is the perfect solution for your furry best friend to burn off all of their excess energy, socialise with some doggy friends and take part in a wide range of fun dog activities.

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