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Ziggy was an absolute nightmare till we got him on Stephens puppy class (think it helped us and Ziggy) and then when he started puppy club it completely changed him from a lunatic full of energy chewing everything, constantly excitable to the lovable chilled out member of our family we now have.

Having Stephen and Kayleigh pretty much from the beginning, training, daycare and having Ziggy whenever we are away over night or on holiday has been an absolute god send. We would never go away and leave Ziggy with anyone else and have booked our holidays around their availability.

They are very good with our Ziggy and you can just tell when they pull up to pick him up on daycare day that he loves being with them (goes mental before they even get to the door).

I can wholly say with hand on heart that finding Clever Claws was one of the best things we ever done. Also if there is such a thing as reincarnation I would like to come back as a Clever Claws puppy.
Vince Hanley & Ziggy
Stephen and Kayleigh have made it possible for us to have a dog, a fun-filled pug called Flirt. The love and care that they both bring to looking after Flirt on her daycare days means we can go to work knowing more than that Flirt isn’t home alone, bored and frustrated; we know she is being stimulated, getting exercise, socialising with other dogs and loving every minute of it. Having Flirt collected and returned in safety and returning home to her happy and tired is a joy. Stephen’s amazing photography of all the dogs is a pleasure to see and both Kayleigh and Stephen have become important members of our family. Dom, Sam and Flirt.
Dominic Edwardes & Flirt
When we contacted you in September, we were pretty desperate. We had rescued a young beagle who was undersocialised and over-reactive. We could not walk her off of her lead, as she would unpredictably charge toward and bark maniacally at things that startled her. While it pained us to think this, how could we possibly keep a dog like this in a busy part of London??

But you’ve been such a great help. You worked with us to understand the problem and gave us the know how and tools we needed to fix it. After two sessions with you in October, we’ve been consistently working with our dog, her long lead, and our clickers to build her confidence and her responsiveness to us. We’ve gradually been able to trust her off lead. Our biggest success was on Boxing Day when, despite the chaos of children with new bikes, skates, and scooters, our dog walked around the park off lead and never once was tempted to react to anything but her clicker and the treats in our pockets. I can’t tell you how many compliments we now get on her good behaviour, and it is entirely due to you!!

Thank you so much for believing in us and our dog, and for helping us to overcome her pre-rescue bad start in life. It’s been a lot of work, but she is turning into a polite and love-able dog. We could not have done it without you.
Diane, Rick & Pringle
Spike came to us as a rescue dog. He was a six month old Jack Russell cross, who obviously had received no training by his previous owners. After struggling with training for him we contacted Stephen.

Stephen has been a marvel; he is very patient, always on time and provides a hard copy of the training session as point of reference. We had many problems with Spike and his training is still going on, however we have seen a great improvement in his overall behaviour. Since training with Stephen, Spike has stopped chasing cars, walks well to heal, sits when crossing the road and plays well with other dogs. Without Stephen I’m not sure we would have achieved as much as we have in a short space of time.

Stephen provides the core basics, with clear demonstrations on training aspects for you to follow. He has provided us with an excellent service and we have recommended him to a friend. Spike and I are really glad we found him.
Mary Johnson & Spike
Stephen, Thank you so much for 6 weeks of puppy School training!

It’s safe to say Harvey thoroughly enjoyed it! As you know, he has a short attention span and is very over excitable! but we still managed to learn a lot from the course, and will keep practicing. You are a kind, patient and knowledgeable tutor and I would highly recommend this course.

Crufts here we come!!
Colleen Kirk & Harvey
Many thanks for such an enjoyable and helpful Puppy Socialisation Course. We found it extremely helpful and will carry on working on the this you taught us with Fleur. When we first started Fleur was quite dubious of the other puppies but by the end she wanted to play especially with Tess. Also a big thank you for looking after Fleur for the day it definitely helped me and I know Fleur really enjoyed herself.

We would certainly have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone. You have such a great rapport with all the puppies.”
Pam Taylor & Fleur
Dear Stephen

I asked my mum to help me email you to say I loved staying with you for the weekend. I told her that I missed her a bit to make sure I got the present that she always buys me but really I was having such a lot of fun with you that I (almost) forgot she had gone away without me! Hope I can come and stay again soon…
Deborah Colella & Patch
No one is quite sure how old Oscar is. When I adopted him 18 months ago from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, his notes said “between 7 and 10”. Whatever, he’s no youngster. His needs are fairly simple: two 30-minute walks a day, followed by food. Ah yes, food. Oscar is obsessed with anything that is associated with it – from plastic bags, to windfallen fruit, to discarded bones to packets of Nurofen… Three stomach pumpings and one emergency operation later and, on the vet’s advice, I now muzzle him to prevent any more disasters. That’s when I first sought Stephen’s help. He advised me how to get Oscar used to his muzzle without causing him any distress.

The muzzle is now no longer an issue; it’s become part of the routine and Oscar sits down to have it put on before he is let off his lead. Stephen still helps me. I work odd hours but most days can manage Oscar’s two walks. Stephen steps in when things get tight. He’s professional, utterly reliable and trustworthy. There are few people that I feel completely relaxed about leaving my dog and keys to my house with. Stephen is one of them. I can’t recommend him enough.
Jill Craven & Oscar
I wanted to write and say thank you for taking care of Dave and Bert whilst I was away. It was peace of mind for me not to have to worry about them whilst on business and to know that they were being well cared for. Your service was reliable and trustworthy and from the pictures I can see that they were obviously lapping up all of the attention from you. I would recommend Clever Claws to anyone who is looking for a reliable and professional service.
Daniel Smith, Bert & Dave
Clever Claws is an amazing experience for my dog, and I highly recommend Stephen and the entire team. Ollie has been going once a week for about a year and a half, and I have complete confidence in the care provided from van pickups to daily activities. The professional experience and credentials really show. Each team member I’ve met is so in tune with the dogs, and I appreciate the quick chat and report when he is dropped off as it provides me insight into his behaviour and wellbeing. The daily photos and videos of all the dogs on social media are great insight into the experience. Stephen has also provided some at home training services which have been invaluable as my dog’s personality was already known from daycare. It’s a winning combination of services. Thank you!
Vanessa Kyriacou
Vanessa Kyriacou
We can’t thank Stephen and all Clever Claws enough. Jake absolutely loves his day at daycare and cannot wait to go. He is well looked after and loved, and we couldn’t ask for anything more!
Victoria Campion
Victoria Campion
I would highly recommend Stephen and the Clever Claws team. My lab has been going for just over a year now and absolutely loves it - she runs out the front to the van every morning, looks like she has a ball from all the photos and comes back home absolutely worn out! Every member of the team I’ve met is always welcoming and genuinely wants the best for her.
Monica Dacres
Monica Dacres
While we've taken a little doggie day care break, I could not recommend the Clever Claws team enough. Our doggie has had a blast every day he was there, got the right stimulation and loved the obstacle course there. I'm sure he cannot wait to be back with the Clever Claws team sooner rather than later.
Glenn Coomber
Glenn Coomber
A brilliant service provided a fantastic group of people who really care for the all the pups.
nic cumisky
nic cumisky
Through experience comes excellence. Stephen's 12 year tenure in canine behaviour at Battersea Dogs home makes him the perfect choice to care for Digby, our family spaniel. I can't recommend Clever Claws highly enough. They have a wait list for a reason, everyone wants their daycare. Beautiful location, loving care and tailored development underwrite why so many people want to have their family hound looked after by Clever Claws.
Jennifer McGeown
Jennifer McGeown
This is an amazing and reliable service. My dog loves it and I know he's in safe hands!
Emily Louise
Emily Louise
The whole team at Clever Claws are wonderful - kind, professional, friendly and our dog LOVES it. Couldn’t recommend them enough.
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